Dog Walking

Whether your dog is small, big, young, senior, overweight, all dogs are known to love going on a walk! Buy why?

Is it the bonding time they have with their owner? The socialisation of meeting other people and dogs? All the wonderful smells and new places they get to go? Well as you probably guessed it’s all the above and more! Just like humans, dog’s need exercise and once their out and about they will absolutely love it!

Along with the social benefits, there are many health advantages to walking your dog. Walking helps to reduce common behaviour issues in dogs, helps keep dogs agile and limber, reduces digestive problems, controls weight and reduces a restless feeling.

It’s exciting for dogs to go on different walks and have different activities take place. If everyone walk was the same, it may get pretty boring so make sure to explore your local areas; walk along the street, play fetch in the park, arrange to walk with other dogs, adventure out to fields where your dog can really get their sniff on!

We understand that life can be busy, and we may not always have the chance to take our furry friends on an hours adventure, don’t worry, we are here to help! WE OFFER DOG WALKING IN THE LOCAL AREA.

Our qualified Dog Walker Lucy offers fun interactive walks that will physically tire and mentally stimulate your dog. We walk each dog like they are our own, keeping them safe, active and happy. We ensure to cater to all your needs after a one to one meeting with you and your dog at your home.

Additionally, our dog walking clients will always receive 10% off any goods in our Alcester High Street Shop along with the option of free delivery on the date we walk your dog.

If you are interested in Lucy walking your dog, please visit our services section on our website at or contact directly via 07523171852 or 01789765296.