Firework Season for Pets

As we approach our festive seasons, fireworks are used to celebrate all across the UK. For our pets these are loud, scary noises that will leave them feeling stressed, panicked and uneasy.

Typical stressed signals to look out for will include shaking, yawning more than usual, rubbing against furniture, hiding, licking lips and out of the ordinary behaviour.

One of our customers, Di Bateman explained how her dog reacted to a loud firework recently, “They were asleep in the living room and suddenly ran to me in the kitchen and jumped into my arms. After telling him it was okay and cuddled him he seemed to calm down. We could never leave him on his own.”

Having stressed pets is a very common problem however here at That Pet Place we have a variety of items that we believe will assist in helping your pets feel calm. This ranges from sprays, diffusers, tablets and treats. Some of our best selling products in this group are our Pet Remedy Sprays and Diffusers. These are valerian based and work alongside natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious and stressed pets.

A Pet Remedy customer has left a review on their website stating “I use the spray and find it very effective; one of my cats rubs herself all over where its sprayed I use it around bonfire night too for the dog.”

We offer the Pet Remedy Spray 15ml Bottle at £5.99 and our Diffusers and Refills at £14.99. Additionally, our Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relax Treats are currently on sale at just £1.50 a tub (usually £2.99).


Below are a few simple tips from the Blue Cross of how you can make your home a safer place:

Small Pets

If possible, bring hutches/cages indoors – if not possible cover with blankets and face towards a wall

Provide extra bedding to burrow into to feel safe


Dogs and Cats

Avoid leaving them on their own

Stay calm and act normal – provide lots of praise and treats

Keep indoors at night

Big dog walk in the day so they feel tired in the evening during the fireworks

Close doors and windows

Prepare a den where they can feel safe in


If you have any questions or queries on how to help your pets feel calm and relaxed then please feel free to come and talk to us in our Alcester High Street Shop or contacting us via