How much to feed your dog

One of the best ways to keep a pet healthy is to give them the right amount of good, nutritious food a day. 

Too often people get carried away with feeding treats, whether for training or for comfort and don't remember to allow for these extra tidbits in their daily food quota. If this happens too often our pets can start to put on weight without us realising. Treats are a brilliant way to train and entertain a dog but the best way of keeping their weight in check is to limit training treats to tiny morsels. We use Nature's Menu meaty treats to train our own dogs as we can rip them up into very small pieces to prolong training without overdoing the calories. 

You can find feeding guides for all the foods we sell by visiting the manufacturers website. Here are some of the most popular:


Cotswold Raw

Nature's Menu


You can also find the feeding amount recommendations on the food packaging, and we are more than happy to help to calculate these for you. It is very important to have up to date knowledge of how much your dog weighs as this is what the feeding guides are based on. If your pet is overweight or underweight you use their ideal weight to calculate the feeding amount. 

Our own dogs have a daily allowance of 100g of food. We feed them 70g in raw food a day which leaves us 30g for natural treats and chews. This allows us to give them some Canagan biscuits for training, Pet Munchies chicken chips when we leave the house, Billy & Margot fish cubes for their teeth and half a Pizzle stick to chew. You can give your dog a large variety of treats and chews each day as long as the majority of their provisions come from a complete balanced food and the rest is given in moderation.

If you need a long-lasting form of entertainment for your dog that won't impact their weight Antlers can be a great option. Kongs are also great for filling with a low salt chicken stock and freezing.