Summer is are FLEAS!

Yay! The nights are getting lighter, we've ditched the snow (hopefully!) and it's time to put your winter coats away. Summer is coming!

Now for us humans, this means BBQs, sunglasses, tan lines and pub gardens, however for our pets it may not always be as fun. For them it can mean itchy damn pesty fleas all summer long!!!

As owners, it's important that we make sure we are ahead of the game. Treating your pet promptly is important as each female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Those flea eggs end up in your carpets, bedding and soft furnishings where they hatch, first into larvae, before eventually developing into adult fleas. The longer your pet remains untreated, the more fleas build up in the environment. It can take up to three months to get on top of a flea infestation for this very reason. So, we suggest during the hotter months to make a conscious effort to check our pets for fleas everyday. Maybe set a time when you do this? Maybe after their walk when they're tired? Maybe after your cat has eaten or is sleepy and cuddly?

How do I look for fleas? I'm not really sure what to look for?

Fleas are are little small black creatures. Gently comb your pet’s fur, focusing on flea hot-spot areas such as around their head, down their back and around their tail.Give away signs that your four-legged friend may have fleas includes itching, scratching and over-grooming.  Also, if your pet is allergic or sensitive to them, then you may notice crusty sores on their skin, broken hairs and even patches of hair loss!

AHHH my pet has fleas! Now what?

Depending on the weight of your dog will decide which flea treatment they will need to use. Here at That Pet Place we have a range of Frontline and Bob Martin Flea Treatment which should cover small puppies to large adult dogs and cats. The Spot On Treatment is easy and quick to use as it is a small pipette on their neck.

What will treating my pet do?

  • Prevents re-infestation with fleas for up to 2 months
  • Prevents re-infestation with ticks for up to 1 month
  • Dogs and puppies must be at least eight weeks old and 2kg
  • It can be used on pregnant and lactating bitches

How it helps?

  • Kill fleas on your pet within 24 hours
  • Kill ticks on your pet within 48 hours
  • Kills biting lice
  • Helps protect against flea and tick re-infestation

Important extras to know:

  • FRONTLINE Spot On causes fleas to become hyperactive and therefore more visible before dying.
  • You can handle your pet as soon as the application site is dry.
  • Your pet can swim or be bathed from 2 days after application.

Fleas are an issue all year round, however during the hotter months they are a more prevalent problem that all pet owners have to be aware of. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information please come and speak with us at our High Street Shop in Alcester. 

Please find below a short video with a few tips on how to help this issue go away as quickly as possible!