Supporting Local

 That Pet Place has been part of Alcester High Street since November 2015 (former shop Tiggy’s Pet Shop). Over the last few years we have made many changes to the shop and have grown as a business. Something we’ve tried to focus on is being a bigger presence within Alcester and support the local community. Targeting locals to stay in Alcester and shop in the town rather than visiting Stratford or Redditch.


Ways that we have tried to achieve this goal is by having our shop open Monday – Saturday 9:00-5:00pm each week, even through the snow. Keep our window displays colourful and timed with current events e.g. Christmas, World Cup.



Within our shop we try to provide the highest level of customer service to make each customer always feel welcome. Additionally, with Louise’s Nutrition Qualification, offer the best advice for your pets. If we currently don’t have something in stock we look to add a personal touch and order items in specifically for you to ensure you get everything you are looking for, every time. To allow customers to search our shelves during out of shop hours, we have a website which shows all our products and deals. An advantage of being local is our website offers a click and collect option or local delivery.


Outside of our shop we are now offering many different pet services. In March 2018 we bought ourselves a van, so we are able to offer a local delivery service, making it easier for those who struggle getting to the shop or carrying some of our heavier items. The van has also allowed us to offer a Pet Taxi service which has come in handy in helping you get your pets to the vets or to our groomer. Jordan, our groomer helps to make all the dogs in the local area look great and strut their stuff around Alcester! For those who can’t always be with their dog or cat we offer House Visits and Dog Walking.




We like to use social media as another element to show the locals what we have to offer, what deals we have and fun interactive posts. On Alcester News, we offer a FREE Kong Toy to those who fight their case for why their dog or cat would be best suited for the toy. They are then used as our monthly toy tester and will help us to decide if we should stock that toy for others to purchase. We love offering this opportunity out to local pets and getting your feedback. 


Lastly, it’s fantastic when different events and activities take place, and everyone joins in and visits the town. We loved having our stand outside at the Alcester Food Festival this year, not only was the weather beautiful but it was lovely to see the street jam packed with locals and visitors. Another great local event for us has been the Dogs Trust Fun Day at Ragley Hall. Another beautiful day and lovely to meet so many new people saying how much they love the area. Definitely two highlights of our year!




We will continue to do our best to make Alcester the best we can and support other shops along the high street.