The Importance of Winter Grooming

Grooming your dog regularly has 5 key benefits:

  1. Promotes healthy skin & coat
  2. Keeps your dog looking and smelling good
  3. Controls nail growth, reducing the risk of foot problems and infections
  4. Allows for early detection of health problems affecting the ears, skin, feet and teeth
  5. Properly maintained coats will shed less

Many owners have their dogs groomed throughout the summer and then let it taper off into the winter as the weather gets colder. It is thought that letting their coats grow long will keep them warmer, but the problem is that long coats are much more prone to knotting.

Tangled fur mixed with cold, muddy and wet walks can quickly turn into matted fur. Not only are these matts uncomfortable for your dog as they pull on the skin, they can also be dangerous as they cut off circulation to your dogs’ skin denying it of fresh air. This can lead to open sores and infection if not treated.  In ungroomed dogs these matts can be well hidden so owners may not notice them.

For this reason winter grooms are very important. Many times owners find it costs more money come spring time to get their dogs safely de-matted. We strongly recommend that you keep up with your 6, 8 or 12 weekly grooms right through the year. If you are worried about your dogs becoming cold during the winter we have a great range of coats that will warm them up, but if you don’t fancy wrapping them up rest assured that they are much better equipped for the cold than us humans.

Our groomer Jordan is always on hand to give excellent expert advice regarding your dog’s grooming needs. Jordan works every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and is used to all different sizes and breeds of dog. She is highly recommended by her customers who come back time after time! It is always a good idea to book in advance as she can get very busy, particularly around the Christmas period. Her phone number is 07939333439