Thinking of Getting a Puppy?

Are you ready to add a puppy to your life? This is an extremely exciting time but also the start of a huge commitment! It’s so easy to look at a cute, adorable picture of a puppy and think, YES PLEASE!!! However, have you thought about the logistics of having a puppy? The reality of having them in your home? Can you offer them everything that they will need? These are all questions that you need to be able to answer and be happy with. If you are then where do I start!?

The first step is choosing the right breed for you. There are hundreds of different types of dogs with different temperaments, characteristics, personalities, sizes etc. So, it is important to find the breed where you suit each other. An example being if you are an energetic person who has the time to walk for hours everyday then a Collie or a Working Cocker Spaniel would be a great choice; if you aren’t the most active but happy to stroll around the park once or twice a day than a French Bull Dog would fit in to your life well.

Taking a quiz may help put you in the right direction of what type of breed you should be looking at. Have a go and see which breed is suggested for you. >>


Now it’s time to contact the breeder or rescue centre! EEE Very exciting and starting to feel very real! It’s important to make a good first impression with the breeder/rescue centre as you are asking them to give you one of their babies! You must be honest, open and committed. Please remember always, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. When you are supposed to get your puppy, you will get them and they will be the right one for you.

Okay so you have your ‘Gotcha Day’ booked in the diary! Time to get prepared for their arrival!

What do I need to buy and what do I need to learn?









Identity Tag


Poo Bags


Seat Belt

What food do I want to feed my puppy? RAW Food? Dry Food? Wet Food? A mixture?
How much food do I feed them?
Sign up to a vets and pet insurance. Learn about vaccinations, boosters, fleas, worming.
How long can I walk my puppy for?
Which method am I going to use to train my puppy to go toilet outside?

Sign up to puppy classes?



It’s important to have a good understanding of all the above prior to getting your puppy as it allows you to be one step ahead and organised for their arrival. Here at That Pet Place we have all the items on the list available. Additionally, we are happy to support you in finding all of the answers that you need offering you nutritional advice and a great knowledge on puppies through experience.

Furthermore, with our Services available, we can help assist you in looking after your pup! You don’t have to do it all on your own! We offer Dog Walking, House Visits and Pet Taxis. When first getting a puppy, it can be daunting and difficult when you first have to leave them; we are here to make you feel confident by visiting them in the day. We can take them out to the toilet, feed them, play in the garden to tire them out and give them a bit of company until you return home. Our services are always there as an option for you from them being a puppy to a senior dog.

If you are looking to get a puppy then please do not hesitate to look to That Pet Place for help and support. Our shop is based on Alcester High Street or additionally our website is Until then, good luck and enjoy your puppy!!!