Everyday Tweets 40 Fat Un-netted Fat Balls Box

Everyday Tweets 40 Fat Un-netted Fat Balls Box

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A high energy blend of fat with nutritious grains and seeds. These fat balls are attractive to robins, tit, finches and a variety of other species. They are designed to feed either from a fat ball feeder, bird table or ground feeder.

Putting fat balls out not only provides essential nutrition, it also encourages more birds to visit your garden. Everyday Tweets Fat Balls can be fed all year round. Feeders and bird tables should be cleaned regularly with a mild disinfectant solution. Feed little and often and replace old wet food to prevent a build up of bacteria or mould, particularly on table and ground feeding stations.

Composition - Beed Fat, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Sunflower Seeds, Millet

Analytical Constituents - Fat Content 18%, Protein 8.5%, Crude Fibre 3%, Crude Ash 1%