Kong Squeezz Action Balls (Small/Medium/Large)

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Dogs love chasing after the wild bounce that comes from the new KONG Squeezz Action balls featuring dynamic rubber and fun shapes that make games of fetch way more fun. Vibrant, multi-textured, grippy balls beg for chewing and chomping with each squeeze delighting dogs from the added squeakers safely embedded within the toy.

"Buddy loves his new Kong ball from That Pet Place, he likes any balls and it's great how long the Kong ones last, this ones great as he likes how bouncy it is, would recommend."     That Pet Place Toy Tester Customer Ami Mertens-Dixon


  • Vibrant colored, multi-textured fetch toy for engaging fun

  • Entertaining bounce and roll for interactive play sessions

  • Squeaker engages for added excitement

  • Red/blue colored ball

  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large

 Available sizes:

  • Small: 2 inch diameter approx, 3 pack

  • Medium: 2.5 inch diameter approx, 3 pack (standard size tennis ball)

  • Large: 3.25 inch diameter approx, 2 pack