Tetra Finding Dory Tank 18L (36x18x35cm)

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From the hugely popular film 'Finding Dory', Tetra introduce the themed starter aquarium complete with starter treatments, fish food, starter brochure, gravel and even stickers to help decorate your aquarium.  

Easy to set up and start for children to take their first step in fish keeping.  Ideal to keep 1 goldfish or with the addition of a small aquarium heater to keep a few small tropical fish (Not Marine fish such as Regal Tangs / Dory type fish, please see below for more information on this)

At a Glance

Dimensions : 36 x 18 x 35cm

Volume : 18 Litres

Contains TetraMin Food and Tetra Aquasafe water conditioner

Effective Tetra Easy Crystal Filter providing modern, clean and efficient filtration - supplied with two filter cartrdiges.

Includes brochure that helps you to take the first steps 


Please understand these aquariums are NOT designed for keeping Regal Tangs (Dory) type fish and under no circumstances should this be attempted with this aquarium.  Regal Tangs are saltwater fish and require much larger, marine specific aquariums with salt water and the correct environment.  

These aquariums are designed for keeping either a small goldfish or with the addition of a heater you would be able to house small tropical fish.  We at Complete Aquatics or your local aquarium store will be able to advise with this further should you need more advise.